The Survivors of the Shipwrecked Patria

Sunday / 22. 05. 2016
Kino ART - large hall, Cihlářská 19

An epic documentary about a forgotten episode from the history of the holocaust. In 1940 Adolf Eichmann attempted to provoke unrest in Palestine, when he sent there a crowded transport of Jews from the occupied territories of Europe. The voyage on this unsuitable ship through the Black and Mediterranean Seas took place over many weeks accompanied by hunger, misery and war. When the refugees reached the port of Haifa, the British administrators refused to allow them to disembark. The decision was made to send the travellers on the ocean-going ship Patria to a refugee camp on the island of Mauritius. The desperate refugees knew that under British law they could not refuse to help the shipwrecked and so they detonated a bomb on their own ship. Those that survived the catastrophe were given permission to enter the Holy Land.

Director: Pavel Štingl / Czech Republic / 1997 / 59 minutes

Admission free.

We would like to thank Památník Šoa Praha for their kind permission to show the film.