My Homeless World

Wednesday / 01. 06. 2016
Atrium FSS, Masarykova univerzita / Joštova 10

The organisation Jako doma (Homelike) provided homeless women with cameras and sent them out into their everyday reality. The photographers brought back unique testimony  from the environment of their ‘homes’ – hostels, shelters, parks, the bushes and from the road. Through their eyes the viewer can see things, men, friends and public or hidden places. The emphasis is on ordinary things – houseplants, books, windows, shelves, shoes and rucksacks – allowing us to sense the importance of the everyday. This emphasis points to the never-ending effort to create a home in any surroundings. In the words of one of the photographers, Eva: “My photos aren’t only jolly, but are also sad, because I see a great deal of sadness and hopelessness around me. They aren’t focussed on one  thing – I photographed everything. Completely normal everyday things that those with homes don’t even notice, but which are terribly important to me.”

Open Mo–Fri 9:00–18:00, Sat 9:00–15:00.

Admission free.