A Dialogue with those of other Beliefs

Wednesday / 30. 05. 2018
Rotunda BVV, Výstaviště 405/1


An interfaith and ecumenical meeting held to mark the 70th birthday of the priest, philosopher, theologian and scholar Tomáš Halík.

During his historic visit to Egypt's Al-Azhar University in April 2017, Pope Francis described three main principles for dialogue between cultures and religions: not to sacrifice one’s own identity; to perceive the other as a companion on a journey, not as an enemy; and to be honest, for the dialogue to be led in love of truth, without ulterior motives. The meeting is a multi-genre medley devoted to thinking about the starting point for a "dialogue with those of other beliefs" and examples of good practice in the specific conditions of Central Europe.

Guests of the debate:

Tomáš Halík – priest, theologian, religionist, the Templeton Prize-winner (CZ)

Wael Farouq – Professor of Arabic at the Catholic University of Milan and the American University of Cairo, President of the Tawasul Cultural Centre for Inter-Civilization Dialogue

Stanisław Krajewski – professor of philosophy and leading persona of the Jewish community in Poland (PL)

Mikuláš Bek – Associate Professor of Musicology, Rector of Masaryk University in Brno (CZ)


Chaired by David Macek.