BCO, Colin Currie: contemporary classical music with jazz

Thursday / 31. 05. 2018
Rotunda pavilonu A, BVV, Výstaviště 405/1


On 31 May 1918, the so-called Pittsburgh Agreement was signed in the United States, which approved the joining of Czechs and Slovaks in an independent state in which Slovakia had its own state administration, parliament and judiciary. However, the Czechs did not comply with the agreement and Slovak autonomy was not completely fulfilled. The main reason was the concern that other minorities might demand similar concessions. And we all know how it turned out: today there is no Czechoslovakia with its German, Slovak, Ruthenian or Hungarian minorities. Therefore, do not fear the opinions of others and enter into dialogue with pride. Let’s be international and celebrate together all the Czech ‘eights’ with music that knows no boundaries and grows from all sorts of world traditions!

Colin Currie, a phenomenal Scottish drummer, who charmed Brno during the Moravian Autumn Festival in 2015, decided to return, this time to work with BCO on Andriessen's Tap Dance piece and a jazz-inspired composition by British composer Dave Marica.

The programme takes place in cooperation with the Brno Contemporary Orchestra. For more information including ticket prices click HERE.