About the Meeting Brno Festival 2017

This year of Meeting Brno festival is over with a success. During the ten festival days we have met about 70 interesting guests from 7 European countries who presented delicate topics from our past and present days to more than 13.000 people in more than 50 programmes. The descendants of Brno Jewish industrialist families came to Brno from 5 continents spent with us many beautiful moments that enabled them to restore their relation to the place of their origin. Kateřina Šedá and musicians singing in various languages transferred in the Šalina Music Tour about 12.000 passengers to the era when Brno was a multicultural place where different ethnic groups lived together. At the Piknikfest we had a possibility to taste delicious specialities and to meet foreigners who found their home in Brno.

If you are interested you can get more information about the results of the festival here. If you would like to recall the festival atmosphere, watch the video summarizing the best of the festival.

Thanks to all who enabled us with their help and presence!