30. 5. 2018 - 31. 5. 2018

In 1918, Czechoslovak women gained the right to vote and the hope of a life equal to men. How far did they get over the last one hundred years, and how could their hopes from that time still not become reality? How are they doing in public affairs today, how is their work valued, how is the distribution of family / domestic duties progressing, their education and academic careers, how are mothers, artists, pensioners and homeless women faring? In a two-day discussion and cultural programme, we will try not only to ask questions, but also to answer some of them.

WEDNESDAY / 30/05/ 2018

Following the Footsteps of Brno’s feminist movement | Brno from the perspective of historical heritage of feminist movement
EXHIBITION OPENING: Heroines Against the Current | Women's movement in Brno in the first half of 20th century
DEBATE: Feminism the Czech way, or a woman between socialism and capitalism  | From various perspectives, about the changes of society before 1989 and after
STAND-UP MEETS GENDER | Adéla Elbel and her guests

THURSDAY / 31/ 05/ 2018

Even a Lightbulb Has a Statue! | Representation of women in Brno's public space
DEBATE: Feminisation of Poverty | Screening of Apolena Rychlíková documentary with discussion
MEETING: Sylvie Richterová | Discussion with world-renowned writer Sylvie Richter
Plum Dumplings | Alternative-rock band concert

BOTH DAYS 17:00–20:00

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

The Na počátku organization has been helping pregnant women and mothers with children in distress for 24 years now. They provide counselling and accommodation, a social and educational programme with therapeutic help in a sheltered housing and sheltered flats. The proceeds from the sale of snacks you can buy during both days will be donated for furnishing a shelter for women afflicted by violence, pregnant women or mothers in need. The event takes place in cooperation with the Na počátku organisation and we thank Petra Ben Touzia for her extraordinary help.