Meeting Brno For Children

2. 6. 2018 - 4. 6. 2018



pavilon Morava, BVV

Petr Sís: The Wall

The author of many award-winning books for children, illustrator, graphic designer and creator of animated films, Sís was born in Brno in 1949. He went to the USA, where he now lives, at the invitation of the Los Angeles Olympics Committee in 1982 to shoot an animated sports jingle. When the Eastern Bloc countries decided to boycott the Olympics, Petr Sís chose not to obey an immediate return order – he happened to be working on a video for Bob Dylan – and ended up staying in the US. During the festival afternoon for children, Petr Sís will present his book The Wall with the subtitle How I Grew Up Behind the Iron Curtain. During the discussion and screening of pictures, the children will learn what life was like in communist dominated Czechoslovakia, the absurd rules of the totalitarian regime and the crucial need for freedom. The programme is suitable for children from 9 years of age and will last approx. 1 hour. While the children attend the talk with Petr Sís, adult visitors can watch the short documentary Jdi za svým snem. Directed by: Jan Eisner (1995, 22 min.).

The programme takes place in cooperation with the Jiří Mahen Library.




Divadlo Polárka, Tučkova 34


Four presidential candidates. Four moving destinies in the fateful moments of our modern history. Revolution. Democracy. Totality. Occupation. And again... Revolution. Democracy... The wheel of history doesn’t stop spinning. Thankfully, we have the right to choose. Let us vote! A dramatic mosaic showing how the Czechs opened their mouths only to be silenced again. Are we going to keep our mouths shut once again?

Directed by: Vítězslav Větrovec

Performers: Lubomír Stárek, Vít Piskala, Miroslav Sýkora j.h., Václav Dvořák j.h., Kateřina Francová, Barbora Kocmánková j.h., Monika Okurková j.h., Alfred Texel

The programme is suitable for children from 11 years of age